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 Dec 6 2022  
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artist, Xfce-Look.cp1.hive01.com EDITOR
Name:Mario García H. (m)
company / project:oddFx
Birthday:Feb 25 1976
Job status:free
Country:Bogotá DC, Colombia
Google Maps
Music, quietness, reading, programming, productive and joyful stuff.
Don't likes:
Stupidity, ignorance, distasteful humour or lack of seriousness.
Programming, useful gadgets, politics, ethology, graphic design. Music and lead guitars.
Spanish, English, some French, can recall a little ancient Greek (in texts - it is a dead language...) and Latin. I hope learning good German ASAP!
Programming languages:
AWK!, Lua, Sh, Perl, C, C++, Latex, Haskell (somewhat), brainfuck. (Lately don\\\'t hate Python so much, but Java and C# with passion)
Favourite quote:
Ignorance is the same as an utterly repeated epistemological failure. The problem is ignorants don\'t realize what epistemological is. --Me
Favourite music:
Brutal Death Metal, Thrash.
Jazz, Classical.
Favourite tv shows:
Political Radio News and written press.
Favourite movies:
Team America, World Police
All that Jazz
Bodas de Sangre (Weddings of Blood - Script by F. García Lorca)
House of the Spirits
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Meaning Of Life. (...Flying Circus...)
The Ten.
Favourite books:
  • Love, Woman and Death. Arthur Schopenhauer (Compendium of Essays)
    Cuentos (Stories). Juan Rulfo
    Praise of Technics. J. David García Bacca.
    Letters of Marx and Engels.
    Letters of Christopher Columbus and other historical documents.
    Poetry of García Lorca, Pablo Neruda and Rafael Pombo
    Hitchhiker\\\'s Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams
  • Favourite games:
    Urban Terror, CUBE2, Nexuiz, Crack-attack, Foobillard, Glest, Mahjongg.
    About me:
    Obsessive compulsive computers lover who become paranoid when people advocate excessive usage of GUI (WIMP interfaces)

    Wants to save the world and his computing resources by means of elegant languages, efficient code and non bloated programs.

    He deludes the fact that most programs should be written in about 933k. Which is what makes them 933k programs anyway. So reinventing the wheel is sometimes an option for the self-taught when faced with the chaos and confusion of \\\"leading industry\\\"
    Email:Contact code933k
    Messenger:Jabber mariogh
    Messenger 2:Google Talk code933k
    Internet Relay Chat (irc):Nick:code933k
    Registered:Apr 21 2007
    Last visit:Sep 25 2013
    My PC:
    Acer Ferrari ONE 200
    4Gb RAM
    320Gb HDD

    ASUS G50vtX1
    Intel p8400
    nvidia 9800GS
    4Gb RAM
    1Tb x 2 HDD

    Home Server:
    HP 8000 series
    AMD64 Turion ML-34
    2Gb RAM
    200Gb (x2)HDD

    Portable tool-shed:
    My cute Cell Phone memory...
    A Linux based rescue system is always in there ;)
    Operating System:


    Home Server:

    Toolshed and portable distro:
    System Rescue CD 1.2.3

    Source Mage GNU/Linux
    Unbranded Gnome
    GNU Project
    Pixbuf-VS-Co de
    Linux Colombia
    Windows haters haters haters haters haters haters
    Sauerbraten Gamers
    Next Generation Windows Manager
    No - Desktop !!
    FOSS Economy
    GNOME Ideas
    Dark themes
    GTKRC (themes)
    Gnome-Shell, KDE or Xfce?
    openSUSE Users
    improved voting system
    Improved Website Layout
    PhotoFiltre LX
    Linux Gamers

    Sep 25 2013 17:51code933k has updated the profile page.
    Sep 25 2013 15:58code933k posted a comment "Hi"
    Sep 25 2013 15:57code933k posted a comment "Voting..."
    Sep 25 2013 15:56code933k posted a comment "Voting..."
    Mar 8 2013 14:58code933k voted content "MediterraneanNight Series" up
    Mar 8 2013 14:55code933k voted content "FlatStudio" up
    Nov 26 2012 05:08code933k has updated the profile photo.
    Oct 1 2012 15:42code933k voted comment "Re: Icon competition!" up
    Sep 28 2012 21:02code933k voted comment "Icon competition!" up
    May 10 2012 23:55code933k and code933k are now friends.
    May 10 2012 23:55code933k and code933k are now friends.
    Feb 26 2012 14:42code933k posted a comment "Re: POLL"
    Nov 15 2011 19:59code933k voted content "AdwitaWolfe All Dark" up
    Nov 10 2011 17:57code933k posted a comment "Cute and neat theme, but..."
    Nov 4 2011 20:43code933k voted comment "It's some ...." up
    Nov 4 2011 20:42code933k voted comment "Zukitwo Dark Menu" down
    Nov 2 2011 00:22code933k voted content "Nord: Gnome-shell" up
    Nov 1 2011 21:54code933k voted comment "Re: Re: My update" up
    Nov 1 2011 21:54code933k voted comment "Re: My update" up
    Nov 1 2011 21:53code933k posted a comment "Gnome 3, hands down"
    Nov 1 2011 21:42code933k posted a comment "Gnome 3, hands down"
    Nov 1 2011 21:37code933k voted comment "Re: To kick things off..." down
    Nov 1 2011 21:37code933k voted comment "Re: Re: To kick things off..." up
    Nov 1 2011 21:33code933k has joined the group "Gnome-Shell, KDE or Xfce?"
    Nov 1 2011 21:32code933k posted a comment "Gnome 3, hands down"
    Nov 1 2011 21:09code933k has updated the profile page.
    Nov 1 2011 21:05code933k posted a comment "If you want a real poll"
    Nov 1 2011 20:58code933k voted content "Do You LIKE :) or DISLIKE Ubuntu Unity?" down
    Oct 25 2011 18:31code933k voted content "Blapple" up
    Oct 12 2011 18:49code933k voted content "Adwaita-borderless" up

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