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 KDE-Apps.org Applications for the KDE-Desktop 
 GTK-Apps.org Applications using the GTK Toolkit 
 GnomeFiles.org Applications for GNOME 
 MeeGo-Central.org Applications for MeeGo 
 CLI-Apps.org Command Line Applications 
 Qt-Apps.org Free Qt Applications 
 Qt-Prop.org Proprietary Qt Applications 
 Maemo-Apps.org Applications for the Maemo Plattform 
 Java-Apps.org Free Java Applications 
 eyeOS-Apps.org Free eyeOS Applications 
 Wine-Apps.org Wine Applications 
 Server-Apps.org Server Applications 
 apps.ownCloud.com ownCloud Applications 
 KDE-Look.org Artwork for the KDE-Desktop 
 GNOME-Look.org Artwork for the GNOME-Desktop 
 Xfce-Look.org Artwork for the Xfce-Desktop 
 Box-Look.org Artwork for your Windowmanager 
 E17-Stuff.org Artwork for Enlightenment 
 Beryl-Themes.org Artwork for the Beryl Windowmanager 
 Compiz-Themes.org Artwork for the Compiz Windowmanager 
 EDE-Look.org Themes for your EDE Desktop 
 Debian-Art.org Stuff for Debian 
 Gentoo-Art.org Artwork for Gentoo Linux 
 SUSE-Art.org Artwork for openSUSE 
 Ubuntu-Art.org Artwork for Ubuntu 
 Kubuntu-Art.org Artwork for Kubuntu 
 LinuxMint-Art.org Artwork for Linux Mint 
 Frugalware-Art.org Artwork for Frugalware Linux 
 Arch-Stuff.org Artwork and Stuff for Arch Linux 
 Fedora-Art.org Artwork for Fedora Linux 
 Mandriva-Art.org Artwork for Mandriva Linux 
 KDE-Files.org Files for KDE Applications 
 OpenTemplate.org Documents for OpenOffice.org
 GIMPStuff.org Files for GIMP
 InkscapeStuff.org Files for Inkscape
 ScribusStuff.org Files for Scribus
 BlenderStuff.org Textures and Objects for Blender
 VLC-Addons.org Themes and Extensions for VLC
 KDE-Help.org Support for your KDE Desktop 
 GNOME-Help.org Support for your GNOME Desktop 
 Xfce-Help.org Support for your Xfce Desktop 
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General questions about openDesktop.org: Site specific questions for accurate handling of site's features:

What is openDesktop.org?

openDesktop.org is a network of portals and community websites for open source and free software projects - it is a meeting point for both free software users and developers. Everyone can upload and download artwork, applications, documents and other files.
Our main focus is on user generated content therefore providing our users social networking functionality is very important for us. Becoming friends with other free software users or developers, creating groups with lots of discussions inside, message and microblogging functions are just some of possible use cases. openDesktop.org is the umbrella page and summarizes the content of all network sites.
You can find a complete list of sites here.

Where do I get more information about you?

Here you can find more details about us and our motivation to maintain this network.

Is the membership for free?

Yes, the membership is totally for free, we are open to every new user and welcome them! Short notice: once created your account you can use it on all sites of the openDesktop.org network.

How can I become a member?

Just click on the register button to become a member of the openDesktop.org family. A detailed description below:
  • click register
  • choose your login name
  • fill in your first name, last name, valid email address and password (password needs to be repeated once)
  • type in the characters on the picture as a spam protection
  • you'll get a email with a confirmation link
  • follow the link to activate your account
  • now you can complete your profile with interests, photos and more
After that you are a member of our community and you can upload stuff, post comments, join groups or add friends.

I want to remove my account, how can I do this?

Please use the contact form to remove your account.

Why is advertising placed on openDesktop.org?

openDesktop.org is very successful and generates a lot of traffic. So we need several big and expensive servers to run the sites. Moreover we also want to provide all functionalities for free for all our users. So advertising is the only possibility for us to pay the running costs. We hope you understand that. You support us by supporting our advertising partners. Furthermore we've started a sponsoring programm for our network. If you know a company which wants to support us please have a view on our sponsoring page.
It's also profitable for you since you receive a commission fee.

Great site! How can I support you?

You can help us to find a sponsor. More here.

I have an idea for a similar website, what should I do?

New ideas especially for open-source based websites are welcome by us. We are open for your ideas, please submit them. Please send us a message via the contact form or start a discussion group.
If you want to create your own site we advise you to implement the OCS API for interoperability. openDesktop.org uses the Online Collaboration Services API (OCS API) which was designed by us and defined as a open standard by the freedesktop.org project. We invite you to add OCS API to your website so that things such as the 'Social Desktop Plasmoid' or 'Get Hot New Stuff' will work flawlessly with your site. More Information concerning OCS API can be found here.

What is OCS? How can I use it on my own site?

Aim of the Open Collaboration Services API (OCS API) is the integration of web communities and web bases services into desktop and mobile applications. It's free, open, scalable, secure, privacy protected and vendor independent. It was designed by openDesktop.org and was defined as a standard by freedesktop.org. We encourage you to integrate OCS API on your website! If you have questions concerning OCS feel free to contact us.
More information how to implement the API in your website and general specifications can be observed on this page.

Who is responsible for this site?

openDesktop.org is maintained by h i v e 01 GmbH which is located in Germany. More information can be obtained on our homepage.

Which websites are part of the openDesktop.org network?

KDE-Look.orgArtwork for the KDE Desktop
GNOME-Look.orgArtwork for the GNOME Desktop
Xfce-Look.orgArtwork for the Xfce Desktop
Box-Look.orgArtwork for Fluxbox, Backbox, Openbox, PekWM, Afterstep, IceQM, Sawfisch or other window managers.
Beryl-Themes.orgArtwork for the Beryl 3D Windowmanager
Compiz-Themes.orgArtwork for the Compiz Windowmanager

Linux Distributions
Debian-Art.orgArtwork for Debian Linux
Gentoo-Art.orgArtwork for Gentoo Linux
SUSE-Art.orgArtwork for openSUSE Linux
Ubuntu-Art.orgArtwork for Ubuntu
Kubuntu-Art.orgArtwork for Kubuntu
LinuxMint-Art.orgArtwork for LinuxMint
Fedora-Art.orgArtwork for Fedora
Mandriva-Art.orgArtwork for Mandriva

KDE-Apps.orgApplications for your KDE Desktop
GTK-Apps.orgGTK Applications
CLI-Apps.orgCommand Line Applications
Qt-Apps.orgFree Qt Applications
Qt-Prop.orgProprietary Qt Applications
Maemo-Apps.orgApplications for the Maemo Platform
Java-Apps.orgJava Applications
eyeOS-Apps.orgeyeOS Applications
Android-Community.orgApplications and other stuff for the Android Mobile Platform

KDE-Files.orgDocument Templates for KDE Applications
OpenTemplate.orgDocument Templates for OpenOffice.org
GIMPStuff.orgTemplates for GIMP
InkscapeStuff.orgInkscape Templates
ScribusStuff.orgTemplates for the Scribus DTP Application
BlenderStuff.orgTemplates, Objects and Images for Blender

How can I upload files?

First of all you need an account. After having created it and being logged in you can upload your created stuff. To upload your content you have to:
  • push the button add content
  • name the entry and select the content type
  • choose whether you would like to upload a file (we have a file size limit) or if you would like to link a file from somewhere else in the web.
  • please fill in a description and other additional data
  • confirm that you have the permission to distribute this content and that you don't post illegal data (every user is responsible for his content)
  • press the save button
Afterwards the content will be uploaded and can be seen and downloaded by other users. You can browse your stuff by clicking on 'my content'. Remember: uploads with illegal content or copyright violations will be deleted immediately.

How does the rating system work?

Every user is allowed to rate content. Uploaded stuff can have a score between 0% and 100%. 0% means the lowest and 100% the best value. The value determines the ratio of good and bad votes.
To protect you from voting abuse we use a highly advanced system. We won't describe all preventing mechanism here but be sure that they are very safe. And don't forget the simplest one: user have to be logged to vote, Google robots can not influence the rating!
If the score drops below 20% the content is automatically deleted. You can use the content filter on the homepage to configure your personal content quality treshold. For example if you set the content filter to 60% you will never see content with score below 60%.

How do the privacy settings work?

All personal data from our users are safe and will not be disclosed or given to third parties.
You also have the opportunity to configure in your privacy settings whether your profile and your friends network is visible or invisible to other users. Please go to the privacy settings when you're logged in to configure your privacy. We work hard to protect you from spam. Your email addresses is never visible. The sending of personal messages is protected by captchas.

How can I invite friends?

You can invite other users as friends on the openDesktop.org network. If you want to add another user as a friend click on the add as friend button on the profile page of the user. The user has to confirm the friendship. You will get a email notification it the user confirmes or declines your invitation.

What are groups?

Any registered user can create groups where specific topics can be discussed.

The founder of a group can decide
  • whether the group is publicly readable or private
  • whether anyone can join the group or if he needs permission of the group founder to join the group
To create a group click on create new group.
  • you have to choose a category and a name of the group
  • you have to define if the content of the group is readable by everyone or only by group members
After that you can decide if other users can join the group with or without your permission. Groups can be displayed by date and popularity.

What is the job board?

We have arranged a free job board for open source and IT developers and companies. Everyone whether developer, designer, freelancer can post job offers, projects and CVs at no charge. Companies and open source projects are welcome, too.
Our job board is specialized for IT professionals and open source experts. We see the main difference to other job boards that the board is deeply integrated into on of the biggest open source communities thus it reaches lots of interesting and interested people.

What is the news feed on the homepage about?

It informs you about news which might be interesting for you such as
  • what your friends are doing right now
  • if a content you like is being updated
  • if you have received s new email or
  • if another user has visited your profile page.

I have spotted an illegal content, what should I do?

Illegal content should be reported as soon as possible! We try to remove illegal content as fast as possible. If you find any illegal content please contact us to that we can remove the content.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

No problem! There are two ways to recover your password. One way is to use the mail password form to receive a new password which will be sent immediatly to your email account. If your email account is no longer working and you can't remember your password please contact us via the contact form and we'll send you a new password.

Can I change my login name?

Sadly no, it is not possible to change your login name. In special cases you can ask us via the contact form.

Does content moderation exist?

Yes. But the content moderation is not done by a site admin or some other authority. As we believe in the power of the community the content moderation is done by YOU. You can decide whether the content is being kept on the site or is being deleted by voting 'good' or 'bad'. If the score of a content drops below 20% it is automatically deleted.

What means fan?

If you are interested in a specific artwork or like an application you can become a fan of this software. Other users can get in contact with you if they use the same application. So user can help other users. Becoming a fan is very easy. Just click on the 'become fan' link on the fan page. On each profile site you can see of which entries a user is fan of.

What means event?

Every user is free to register new events e.g. a Linux conference in London, a developer meeting in Berlin or just a little barbecue in a backyard. Your event will be listed in the events database and other users can 'join' the event.
New participants can be invited to take part in events, friends get automatically informed via the friend newsfeed that some of their friends go to an event. The date, a short description and a location is enough to start a new event. Locations get directly displayed via an OpenStreetMap applet provided by the free wiki world map on each event page.

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