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Будет ли хоть когда то Slackware-Art.org ????
А то даже для модов Ubuntu сделали, а для Slackware нет :(
Есть что выложить, для Slackware, если точнее то для Salix, а куда попало как то не хочется...
Может групповое уведомление поможет с появлением? :)

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Changed:Jul 19 2012
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 Salix Fluxbox 14.1

 by posixru on: Sep 26 2014
Score 75%

Salix Fluxbox is back for 14.1! Our Fluxbox edition is designed to bring a minimalist environment to your desktop. The default desktop layout is comprised only of the Fluxbox panel and the right click menu will bring up the Fluxbox menu, so it should be really light on resources.
22 сентября 2014 года после более чем трёхлетнего перерыва состоялся релиз Salix Fluxbox 14.1
Сделал по нему маленький обзор:

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 Slackware Live Edition

 by pondogor on: Dec 27 2015
Score 75%

Beta3 of Slackware Live Edition is available

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 Slackware Linux 14.2 Beta 1

 by posixru on: Jan 17 2016
Score 63%

Following a large number of recent updates, Slackware founder and lead developer Patrick Volkerding finally announced 13.01.16 that the distributions development branch (called "Current") had reached beta status:


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 Slackware 14.2 release candidate 1

 by pondogor on: Mar 19 2016
Score 63%

Thu Mar 17 22:09:16 UTC 2016
Good hello, let's call this Slackware 14.2 release candidate 1.
We still have a bit of work to do before this is fully ready to go, but we're done doing every little upgrade that comes along.
Well, mostly...

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 Re: Slackware 14.2 release candidate 1

 by tallship on: Mar 21 2016
Score 63%

Linux 4.4.6
gcc 5.3.0
Perl 5.22.1
ruby 2.2.4
python 2.7.11
tcl/tk 8.6.5
php 5.6.19
apache 2.4.18
mariadb 10.0.24
sendmail 8.15.2
binutils 2.26
openssh 7.2p2
openssl 1.0.2g
Firefox 45.0.1
Thunderbird 38.7.0
git 2.7.4
openssl 1.0.2g
xorg 1.18.2
bind 9.10.3
gnupg 1.4.20
samba 4.3.6
gnutls 3.4.10
iproute2 4.4.0
iptables 1.6.0
curl 7.47.1
lvm2 2.02.147
vim 7.4.1530
and lotsa other kewl stuff too!!!!!

And last but not least...

This just in today (so were getting very very close):

Brand new shiny elflibs and pkgtools versioned at 14.2 - so it wont be long now :p

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 Salix Xfce 14.2alpha1

 by pondogor on: Mar 22 2016
Score 63%

The first alpha release of Salix 14.2 is here. This release mainly targets developers and packagers that want to have an easy and fast way of installing a preliminary clean 14.2 system, without having to install 14.1 first and then upgrade that to 14.2.


It has been a lot of time since 14.1 was released, so almost everything has been updated. And due to all the changes, most likely everything will need a rebuild from what is found in 14.1.

Here's a list of known issues:

- you might not be able to launch X on a UEFI system and the 64bit iso. At least it wasn't possible for me in a single Virtualbox installation that I have tried. This could probably be only just an issue with Virtualbox and UEFI,
because I installed the VirtualBox additions and then I could get X. It might not be a problem with installing on real UEFI hardware. More testing is needed.
- if you use the 64bit iso, at boot, select the english locale. All others won't work anyway.
- during installation, make sure you select the correct source for packages with the first try. If you're installing from a CD, don't select "USB stick" as the source. The installation will later fail and you'll have to restart the
- the wpa_gui, hplip and v4l-utils GUIs don't work
- leafpad doesn't start. Update the package using the package manager (You should get a notification about it soon after boot).
- you'll have to start NetworkManager manually after first boot to have network access: sudo service start networkmanager
- you'll have to select firefox as the default browser when you first click on the quicklaunch icon
- no locale packages in the repositories yet
- some applications/packages are missing. The main ones are: webkitgtk, claws-mail, flash-plugin, libreoffice, openjre, transmission, zim
- a lot of codecs are missing, as well as salix-codecs-installer. So don't expect anything gstreamer-based to play proprietary formats.
- the artwork is exactly the same as in 14.1. This will change (we're open to suggestions).

There's a lot of work to be done. You can start submitting packages now. Feel free to package anything you're missing from your day-to-day work first.

In the mean time, Didier Spaier has been working hard on the installer. He's made it possible to translate the installer in different languages and borrowing translations from his slint project (http://slint.fr/), most of the
translations are almost complete! This alpha does not include these translations, but these will appear in future releases. We're hoping to support as many languages as possible in the installer and we will ask translators for contributions when the infrastructure is ready.

You can download this release from Sourceforge or using a torrent client, using the following links:

Salix Xfce 14.2alpha2 (32-bit, i586)
(size: 763MB, md5: 3c74fc08b0c4c68bd1ffeea6563fb50f)
Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/salix/files/14.2/salix-xfce-14.2alpha1.iso/download
torrent: http://people.salixos.org/gapan/iso/salix-xfce-14.2alpha1.iso.torrent

Salix64 Xfce 14.2alpha2 (64-bit, x86_64)
(size: 711MB, md5: c3614cdf85e620a2dedf262961d5dbdf)
Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/salix/files/14.2/salix64-xfce-14.2alpha1.iso/download
torrent: http://people.salixos.org/gapan/iso/salix64-xfce-14.2alpha1.iso.torrent

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 Slackware 14.2

 by posixru on: Jul 8 2016
Score 63%

Yes, it is that time again (finally)!
Following a long period of planning, development, and testing, the Slackware Linux Project is proud to announce the latest stable release of the longest running distribution of the Linux operating system, Slackware version 14.2!


Спустя более двух с половиной лет с момента прошлого выпуска состоялся релиз Slackware 14.2!!!
Для загрузки доступен установочный DVD (2.6 Гб), который подготовлен для архитектур i586 и x86_64. Для ознакомлением с дистрибутивом без установки подготовлена Live-сборка. Подборку дополнительных пакетов с программами, отсутствующими в стандартной поставке, можно найти в репозитории slackbuilds.org.

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