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 Apr 11 2021  
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Xfce Other

Score 85%



Homepage:  Link
Link:  Link
Downloads:  32314
Submitted:  Mar 21 2012
Updated:  Dec 21 2015


This project is now in mainainence mode, and I will no longer be adding features, I will continue to maintain the project and keep it up to date with xfce 4.12 and of course bug's will be fixed as and when they are found/reported.

Having switched to Xfce from gnome one of the main annoyances I have found is having multiple settings GUI's for setting the theme, one for the window border one for the controls/icons one for the mouse etc. And none include thumbnails!

As I like to switch themes and mix and match this soon became VERY irritating hence program, as you can see from the screenshots only one GUI is used to set all the bits of a theme, the "Themes" tab contains themes that have an integrated window border/control theme ( and if there is a gnome-like theme.index file that specifies an icon set this will be used as well ), everything is fairly self explanatory just click on a thumbnail to set a particular theme/window border/control/icon set.

Full installation/usage is in the README file in the archive.

Debian/Xubuntu users please see the README file for instructions on how to install dependencies via apt-get.

Completely rewritten in 'c' start up is MUCH faster and no more dependencies on gtkdialog and zenity, see the changelog and README for changes.
Visually no noticeable changes except for the advanced tab.

Complete custom themes can now be saved including wallpaper font etc.

Includes Spanish translation thanks to Pablo Morales Romero.

Includes German translation thanks to Martin F. Schumann.

Includes Polish translation thanks to Michał Olber.

Includes French translation thanks to Moatib for that.

Other translations welcome, please email me (see README file for address).

An Arch package is available here:
Thanks to Martin F. Schumann for that.

A Slackware package is available from slackbuilds.org.




Xfce4-Composite-Editor Available here:


The look of the GUI has now been tweaked to be more in keeping with the other Xfce4.10 settings gui's, so you will need the libxfce4ui dev files if your package manager separates the dev files from the normal apps/libs, if you use a source based distro they should already be installed. I you haven't/don't ant to install the libxfce4ui dev files then the app will be built as a normal gtk dialog, there is no functional difference between the two versions just visual.

You can now save the appearance of your panels ( size, image, solid colour, alpha ) into your custom theme so that when you switch custom themes your panel appearance will change as well.
Panel customizations can be done from the advanced tab.

You can now run Xfce-Theme-Manager from the command line or script to list/set various theme parts, see the man page for full details.

A number of example scripts are installed in PREFIX/share/Xfce-Theme-Manager/scripts

Support for different wallpapers for different monitors is now included.

PLEASE read the README files as there have been some changes to the DB and the advanced tab.

**********When Updating**********
***Please also rebuild the DB.***

Thanks to everyone who has helped by submitting bug reports/enhancement ideas etc, keep 'em coming.

Special thanks to Martin, Pablo, Michał and Moatib for the translations and the AUR package, Thanh Tung Nguyen for the XUbuntu package and Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado for the Fedora package.

Also anyone else who has submitted feature requests/enhancments or bug reports.

Please send them direct to me my email address is in the README posting them on xfce-look etc gets too messy!



0.3.7 Added script call backs when selecting theme parts.
Added 'Span Monitors' to advanced tab.
Updated source files licence header.
Fixed wrong global backdrop folder.
Changed website address.
Fixed changes for xfce 4.12.

0.3.6 Fixed changes to threading for new gdk/gtk/glib libs ( specifically for debian testing ).

0.3.5 Minor glib timer bug fixed causing a seg fault on newer systems ( xubuntu 'saucy' ).

Added button in advanced tab to go to gtk-apps.org to download xfce-composite-editor if not installed.
Removed accidental inclusion of development folder from archive.
Updated INSTALL file with fedora/debian instructions.
Added support for setting different wallpapers for different monitors in GUI.
Added support for setting different wallpapers for different monitors from command line.
Added French translation, thanks to Moatib for that.
Added command line args for panels.
Fixed duplicate wallpaper entry bug when changing monitor.
Added licence to 'About' box.
Added links to some of my other stuff to the credits :)

0.3.3 Changed from external xconf-query to xfconf lib.
Speed change in GUI from 0.3.2 - Change meta theme approx 5s, 0.3.3 - Change meta theme approx 1.5s.
Fixed bug where xconf property not created for panel colour.
Major code clean.
Minor Polish translation changes.
Bug fix in makefile for multiple parallel builds.
Reset buttons in Advanced Tab now reset to sensible system defaults.
Corrected a bug in xfwm where setting the button layout to "" causes xfwm4 to crash.

0.3.2 Added Polish translation, thanks to Michał Olber for that.
Added Polish man page.
Fixed link bug for older glib.
Fixed bug where xfce4.8 reads arrays differently than 4.10
Lowered version number for libxfce4ui to 4.8 so style matches 4.10

0.3.1 Added some customization of panels, size and appearance (solid colour,system,image,aplpha).
Save panel appearance in custom themes.
Added reset panels to 'Reset Theme'.
Updated manpages and help.

0.3.0 Added command line options to list/set themes etc.
Bug fix for drag 'n' drop filenames with spaces.
Bug fix for drag 'n' drop zip files.
Auto update DB on startup if needed.
Change to autotools project.

0.2.4 re-arranged GUI to be more in keeping with Xfce settings panels ( thanks to Moatib for that ).
Dropping multiple archives to install now only shows one confirmation ( so only one click not many needed ).
On startup or changing theme parts, currently selected theme part now shows in scrolled window.
Added changing cursor to "WATCH" during theme change.
Can make main window smaller than normal.
Code clean.
Bug fix.

0.2.3 Bug fix for floating point exception.
Code clean.

0.2.2 Greyed out theme buttons when showing advanced tab.
Whoops! Added back backdrop sizing/position.
Centred preview icons.
Adjusted DB thumbnails (again!).
Added Translations for "Preview" dropdown.
Changed email address in src files.
Code clean.

0.2.1 Code Clean.
Redone Db.
Added rollover highlighting.
Added current selection border.
DB thumbnails now bigger so scale better.
Gzipped man pages.

0.2.0 New thumbnailing using tiled thumbnails.
Version bump.

0.1.20 Fixed small bug to create ~/.themes, ~/.icons and ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops which may not have been created in a fresh install.
Added man page for English, Spanish and German.
Updated Makefile.

0.1.19 Changed Makefile to take account of changes in some versions of gcc that require a specific order for arguments.
Added instructions in README for debian users.
Added GPLv3 license to archive (requested).

0.1.18 Changed to glib version of strcasecmp.
Added auto build of database on first run (requested).
Bug fix for xfconf-query /general/title_alignment.
Split ChangeLog from README to seperate file.

0.1.17 Added marker to UI to show current theme pieces (requested).
Database clean up and made more consistent.

0.1.16 Minor bugfix/code clean.

0.1.15 Add use of xfce_titled_dialog to visually integrate better with the standard xfce settings GUI's.
Added "About" dialog.
Added display options to "Advanced"
Added CNTRL-click on Custom theme to delete.
Added save window size on exit.
Don't show "Xfce-Composite-Editor" button if not installed.
Frame thumbnails now show white background instead of tranparent.
Frame/Meta thumbnails show rounded corners and bottom properly.
Code clean.

0.1.13/14 Internal release.

0.1.12 Bug fix/hack for buggy xfwm4-settings.

0.1.11 Bug fix for badly formed/non-existent LANG env var.
Bug fix for cursor preview.
Plugged some memory leaks.
Tidied up rebuilding db dialog ( removed close button etc).
Minor changes to Makefile/README.

0.1.10 Added German translation, thanks to Martin F. Schumann for that.
Removed warnings from xconf about user settings not set.
Added "Custom" when saving custom theme if needed.
Fixed minor memory leak.
New application icon.
Minor bug fix when using comma instead of point ( again! )
Code clean.

0.1.9 Internal release.

0.1.8 Finally redone border preview to use tile instead of stretch, more accurate.
Added Application Icon.
Changed 'Save Theme' to 'Custom Theme' button to now add/delete custom themes.

0.1.7 Updated README.
Ignore sub-folders embedded in 'Backdrop' folders as per Xfce gui.
added fix for commas instead of points in sliders.
Added Spanish translation (thanks to Pablo Morales Romero for his help).
Bug fix for malformed xfwm4 themes.
Removed abnormal exit on no cursor pixmaps.
Other minor bug-fixes.

0.1.6 Private.

0.1.5 Re-added cursor size to advanced.
'Reset Theme' now resets controls in advanced tab.
Added 'Save Theme', now saves complete custom themes.
Moved 'Rebuild DB' to 'Advanced tab.
Brightness/Saturation now only update on button up.

0.1.4 Should now be gtk3 compliant.
Removed manual 'Update DB' button as update is now automatic.
First release of completely rewritten code into 'c' mainly for speed improvements.
Sort alphabetically and user first then system.
Automatic DB update on successful install of theme etc.
Full drag'N'drop for installation of themes, icons backdrops etc.
Re-arranged advanced page.
Font buttons show font name in font style.
Multi-threaded progress bar.

0.1.3 Private release versions.

0.0.8 Tweaked helper app to show render overlays in previews properly.
Added Cursor size,title position and button layout to advanced.
Added 'Install Theme/Wallpaper' to advanced.
Added WM/App font selector to gui and helper app.
Moved window brightness/saturation to advanced.
Added launch 'Xfce4-Composite-Editor' to advanced.
Added 'Advanced' option.

0.0.7 Added Wallpaper Section.
Tested under Xfce 4.10pre.
Adds properties to xconf if not defined.
Refresh Xfce desktop when changing icons.
Tweaked the Makefile to take acount of Fedora's mucking about with the linker!

0.0.6 Icon themes now handled by helper app hopefully no more 'missing' icons in the gui.
Meta-Themes now include 'Home' icon and 'Left' pointer in preview.
Size of Meta-Theme previews nor more consistent.
Numerous minor bug fix's.
Code clean up.

0.0.5 Added Custom preview.
Numerous bug fix's for badly formed themes.
Code clean up.

0.0.4b Fixed a bug where imagemagick swallows stdin
Added Cursor theme tab.
Added cursor previews to helper app.
Fixed another "spaces in file name" bug

0.0.3b Large numbers of themes now supported >200.
Fixed some bugs with themes with spaces in their names.

0.0.2b Re-wrote helper app to create window frame thumbnails

0.0.1b 1st release into the wild

(Last resort download)
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Deleted because of bad score



 by aullidolunar on: Jul 16 2012
Score 50%

How about a launchpad ppa repository?

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 Re: PPA?

 by keithhedger on: Jul 16 2012
Score 50%

I don't use ppa/launchpad but if you would like to set one up feel free, or point me towards a good howto I'll give it a whirl.

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 Re: Re: PPA?

 by aullidolunar on: Jul 17 2012
Score 50%

Here is a good start:

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 Re: Re: Re: PPA?

 by keithhedger on: Jul 17 2012
Score 50%

Well I have had a look and though at first glance it seems easy enough, I would have to install WAY too many packages, ( dput,dpkg etc ) plus all their dependencies and as I don't use any of them for anything else it's just too much like hard work!
So, sorry you will have to build from source ( which is very easy )
If somebody else who uses ubuntu would care to do it I'd be glad to help.

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 by firebrand on: Jul 20 2012
Score 50%

A must have inclusion to the Xfce DE experiance.
Thank you :)

Confirmed Truth: The world is definitely flat. Satellite pics just in.
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 Re: Yes!

 by keithhedger on: Jul 21 2012
Score 50%

I aim to please, don't forget to vote!

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 by terminhell on: Sep 9 2012
Score 50%

Perhaps its just the version i got packaged in the AUR, but with the first launch of your app it doesnt create an initial database. Only after launch and manually doing this will it happen.
Otherwise, good work.

Crush the weak!
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 Re: Database

 by keithhedger on: Sep 9 2012
Score 50%

Correct it doesn't automatically create a database when first run, I guess it should, I will put it in the next release.

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 Segmentation fault.

 by ikisham on: Sep 11 2012
Score 50%

You might be interested to know that I installed it in Fedora 17 and it ran fine (with empty database). Then after I loaded the database (first time I'm trying this) it won't open.


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 Re: Segmentation fault.

 by keithhedger on: Sep 11 2012
Score 50%

I am tracking it down now but can you PLEASE send bug reports direct to me as per the README file as this is not really the ideal place for bug reports.

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 Re: Re: Segmentation fault.

 by keithhedger on: Sep 12 2012
Score 50%

This is now fixed as of 0.1.18

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 great program!

 by xf8 on: Dec 22 2012
Score 63%
extera lux

thanks you did great work!

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 Re: great program!

 by keithhedger on: Dec 23 2012
Score 63%

Don't forget to vote!

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